Monday, December 01, 2008

The Mandelbrot Set - Re: Your Brains

Some time ago I mentioned I did some instrumental parts (bass and guitar) for a version of Jonathan Coulton's song "Re: Your Brains". It is now complete, with a final mix available to download, featuring a zombie chorus, and a reasonably eclectic mix of instruments.

The Mandelbrot Set is comprised of the following:
Angelastic - Zombie Chorus
bigcambridge - Banjo, Ukulele
Bry - Vocals, Zombie Chorus
Colleenky - Vocals, Zombie Chorus, Sound Editing
Lunacy (Mick Bordet) - Electric Bass
MaW - Vocals
mtgordon - Vocals, Zombie Chorus
Shruti - Flute, Zombie Chorus
SpaceParanoids - Piano
The Doifter - Ukulele

[UPDATE-AGAIN!] The link below has been updated to the NEW final mix.

You can find the finished article for free download right HERE.

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