Friday, February 24, 2006

Hat Change

I had a bit of a change of role yesterday in musical terms. There is a local band who needed a stand-in sound man to cover the mixing of their live sound. I got the call-up and took myself along to a practice session last night. It's the first time I've mixed a 'live' band, as opposed to doing recording sessions, so it was a good bit of experience, and plenty of fun.

They played a range of songs from the 50's through to the 00's; rock and pop through to more folky material, so there was plenty of musical interest as well as enough changes to keep my fingers busy on the board. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and hope to do it again before too long.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Red Hot

Track of the Week

The Woman In Red

Week 4 of the grand mp3 download extravaganza.

Both Lee and I have written 'Mysterious Woman in Colour X' songs for some reason. Mine was called 'White Silk', and may make its way here eventually. Lee's song was called 'The Woman In Red' and is probably just about the slowest and most ballad-like song the Deserters recorded. It was recorded in a single shot with just Lee and myself featured, though I later went back and recorded some extra keyboard backing to fill out the sound a little more.

Click here to download.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Wee Dram

Track of the Week


Week 3 of the grand mp3 download extravaganza.

Many moons ago we came up with an idea for an exciting new drink, which was to be based on a mix of fruits which would be fermented and then distilled, before blending with a mix of fresh berries. The effects of this potent cocktail were elaborated upon in the song 'Remembering the Juicy Berries', but the actual drink itself was never produced. Probably just as well, since it would almost certainly have involved explosions or poisoning at some stage in the process. Some years later I was inspired to write this little ditty as an advertising jingle for the drink that never was.

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Monday, February 06, 2006


Track of the Week

Yet Another Granfalloon (1st movement)

Week 2 of the grand mp3 download extravaganza.

This mp3 is the first part of a three-part instrumental piece of music written in a semi-classical style for a small 'chamber' group, which would ideally have been the Deserters plus guests (on oboe and violin). However, it was never recorded in such a manner, and what we have here is a demo of the track with all instruments played by me, with electronic alternatives filling in where there should be flute, oboe and violin.

There is quite an interesting mix of electric and acoustic instruments - electric guitar and bass, mandolin, Nancarrow-like piano, e-bow (I think this was the first time I had used the e-bow on a recording). They don't always blend entirely successfully, but I still quite like the overall result

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