Monday, November 03, 2008

So Long Lonesome Cowboy Burt

Jimmy Carl Black - RIP

Jimmy Carl Black

1-2-1938 to 1-11-2008

Another rock legend has left the stage...

JCB was the drummer with the Mothers in their earlier days and stamped his unique sound onto some of the finest albums in the Zappa collection. What he may have lacked in the technical skill of later Zappa drummers, he more than made up with character and humour.

I was lucky enough to see Jimmy perform a couple of times, both as drummer with the Grandmothers and vocalist with the Muffin Men, and on both occasions his presence filled the stage. We're starting to run out of rock's great characters...

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Masters of Song Fu - Round-up and In The Flesh

Song Fu logo

Just to finish off the Song Fu experience and tie up any loose ends, I have stuck all the songs together up on, which is worth a look as a way to find new music similar to what you already listen to.

Last week I made the trip back West to see one of the 'Masters of Song Fu', Jonathan Coulton, doing his thing live on stage in Glasgow. A great show, slightly curtailed by the management of the Oran Mor imposing a 10pm curfew - probably the earliest finishing gig I've ever attended. A great night's entertainment all round, with plenty of amusing between-song banter - something often sadly lacking in many modern acts. Mr Coulton enthusiastically embraces the creative commons licence, meaning that live recordings and videos are positively encouraged. So here is my recording of his Glasgow show:-

Jonathan Coulton - Oran Mor, Glasgow, UK - 25th Oct 2008

We were supposed to be seeing the 'Bad Shepherds' next week. They're a folk band playing punk songs, and include ex-members of Jethro Tull and Iona within their ranks, as well as former 'Young One' Ade Edmonson. However, their tour has been cancelled for reasons still unknown (no details as yet on their website. Pretty annoying.