Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Opening the Archives

I've had a dig around the Deserters archives recently, and have decided that the time has come to open them up and share the goodies within.

Track of the Week

One Night in the Back of a Fire Engine

The aim is to make a song available every week until the well runs dry, and try and provide some insight to the track here. I've started off with a classic Deserters song, as featured in 'The Songwriters Guild' compilation mentioned previously.

The song was written by Lee Newe many years before it was recorded. Jennifer Leigh features on lead vocals, with the Porter Girls on backing vocals. The 'NeeNaw' sound is provided by George the Bedford Fire Engine.

Click here to download.

Go to the Deserters website and look on the 'Tuneography' page for more details and other songs.


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